This is the story of Nancy. She suffers from clinical depression and is in a constant state of battle to live through a "normal day". Her depression is so severe that she is unable to hold onto a job, which has caused more financial, emotional, and even physical stress to her life. When I met Nancy she was on the verge of losing her condo and becoming homeless due to her illness. This fear of ending up on the street consumed her on and made simple tasks like even eating, something that became overlooked. This fear drove her to suicidal thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. This short essay on Nancy is to raise awareness on what one of the many faces depression looks like, and hopefully on some level, how it feels. Its not just a bad mood, or a funk your in for a few days, it is an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and loneliness. Having suffered and overcome this terrible illness in the past, my goal is to help others by shining some light where many of us tend to look away from.