I first met Kara while working on my essay,  THE SKY FACTORY.

When we met, her name was Gone, and she was the leader of a small group squatting in abandoned Silos on the Southwest Side of Chicago. She had lived alone in the Silos and eventually attracted a small community of friends to live with her. I left Chicago for a while and once I returned the Silo was empty, and she was Gone, like her name.

We kept in touch through text, and about a year later we spoke.
I learned that she had moved away and come back to Chicago. 
This time she was prepared to squat without problems from police, so   she built a Yurt to live in. She also had this goal of  reintroducing some of the original plant life that was lost or taken over by what she called, "invader plants"

At the same time Kara is taking hormones to transition into her natural state.